Will there be a freshwater drought?

Even though during the lockdown many companies use less water, people that work from home use more water than before. Besides the issues of COVID-19 we have to take into consideration, there is still a possibility for a drought in our larger cities. Even though there is less industrial use of water. We have to change our way we use our water. Scientists believe that droughts are almost inevitable if we continue to use water the way we do.  It’s hard to answer the question if there will be a freshwater drought, it’s a combination of multiple factors that affect our freshwater supply. In this article you can read what affects ur freshwater supply and if there will be a drought.

What affects the freshwater supply?

These are things we don’t often think about however it’s good to conscious about them. First of all, what affects the freshwater supply is the use of it. This one seems to be logical and it is, but the use of freshwater has been increased significantly lately.

Another factor that affects is the supply itself, so how much freshwater do we have and how much is coming in? So it’s important to have a fresh water supply that can keep up with the consumption. An important way we supply ourselves with fresh water is the water treatment process. This way the wastewater gets filtered thoroughly and circulated back into the supply.