What is carbon tape?

Carbon tape is made of carbon fiber. It is a flat material and it weighs one-seventh as much as steel for a given strength. Carbon tape lasts longer than a conventional steel cable. The material doesn’t densify and stretch and is resistant to wear and abrasion.

What are carbon tape fabrics?

Carbon tape fabrics are narrow fabrics with a width smaller than 300 mm. These tapes are a reinforcement of carbon fiber. The tapes can be woven or braided from materials of a larger width. There are two types of carbon tape materials:

Uni-directional tapes, UD
Bi-directional tapes, BD

Uni-directional tapes

Uni-directional carbon tape is made from long lengthwise oriented carbon fiber bundles that are held in a weft direction by a thin yarn, mostly polyester of E-glass.

Bi-directional tapes

A Bi-directional carbon tape is also made from long lengthwise carbon bundles, but these bundles are held together by a thinner carbon yarn.

Available as BD and UD tape

Carbon tape material is applied to a specific place of a product to get reinforcement where and in the direction it is needed. The carbon fabric tapes from Compositesplaza are available as bi-directional (BD) tape and as uni-directional (UD) tape. The tape width varies from 10, 25, 30, 40, 50, 65, 75, 100 up to 150 mm.

Many specifications

Our carbon tape fabrics can be used for many specifications. Mostly it is used for tubes and bar wrapping and for constructions to finish seams and corners. Tape materials can be applied for sports equipment, boat building, automotive parts, model building and construction parts.

Very fine fibers

Carbon tape exists of fine fibers. It is made from the organic polymers, polyacrylonitrile (PAN). It features long strings of molecules bound together by carbon atoms. The material absorbs very well and holds hundreds of fluids. Another property of the material is that it can stand a temperature to 1200 degrees Celsius for a long time. When you hold the tape in an extremely high temperature it will not fall apart, it only will get thinner after a long time.