Want to have more information about Dental Crowns?

More and more people are choosing for Dental Crowns, but how does it actually work? Dental Turkey will learn you more about it in the following article. Dental crowns are intended as durable replacements for teeth. They approach the original form and function as much as possible. A treatment for a crown is more complicated than for a regular filling. You will therefore have to return to your dentist a few times.

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a refined cap which is made of high quality materials. These materials are porcelain, zirconium or metal. The cap fits exactly over a ground tooth or molar. The cap will be glued to the tooth or molars. which resets it to its original shape and function.

When do you need a crown?

1. You may need a crown if there is insufficient support for a filling or after a root canal treatment. Causes for this may be that a large part of the tooth or molar has been lost due to tooth decay. The dentist can then choose, in consultation with you, to make a crown. In this way, your tooth or molar is largely preserved.

2. You may also need a crown if you want to improve your appearance. This usually concerns discolored and/or poorly formed teeth or molars that are in the front of the mouth.

How is the crown made?

The dentist will make an impression of your teeth. This is also called biting. Nowadays you see more and more that this “biting” is done digitally through scanning. The dentist will record how you clench your teeth and determine the color of the crown. In most cases, a dentist works together with a dental laboratory. The dental technician will manufacture your crown here.

Are there any risks of choosing a crown?

The risks associated with a crown on your tooth or molar are almost none. Of course, it takes some time to get used to it in the beginning when you feel your new tooth, but you get used to this fairly quickly. It may also be a bit sensitive in the beginning, but this will simply go away after a while.

Sometimes people are bothered by the height. This means that the crown is slightly higher than the tooth or molar that has been replaced by the crown. Everything always feels much bigger in the mouth than it actually is, but that does not mean that you shouldn’t inform your dentist about this. Your dentist will grind the crown a little to achieve the ideal height for you. And you can get rid of your discomfort and enjoy your teeth again.