Surf School Management Software

To meet the maximum human limit for watersport as a surfing school, you need to have suitable surf software. There are hundreds of watersport schools that are not reaching their limits in water sports since they lack a customer solution to surf school management software. Surfing schools may have a bad experience managing their bookings and timetable keeping, leading to a low turnout or frustrations from keen surfing learners.
Many surf schools offer lessons for people who are aspiring to be surfers, both old and young. These schools aspire and long to teach people surfing, maintaining their customers, and avoid people cancelling; in return, they have turned to surf Viking booking software.

About Surf Software Management

Through surf software management, surfing coaches can place their bookings online for more efficiency. Surfing coaches in surf schools can also be able to provide their clients with cancellation policies. Through such cancellation policies, surfing schools will be able to avoid hindering their cash flow. When a surf school decides to use surf school management software through Viking booking, they know how to operate the software because it’s easy to operate. Surf coaches get to program their lessons, beaches, and time. All these thanks to Viking bookings.

Advantages of using Viking Booking Software

It saves a lot of time. It saves time because every surf instructor gets his/her account to enable them to manage their schedule and better prepare for surfing lessons.

Viking Software is surf industry-specific. Viking booking is the only software meant and built for surfing only.

  • Receive online bookings 24/7. Every student can book at any time of day or night on their coaches’ website.
  • Viking booking is trusted globally.
  • Viking booking software works for most surfing schools.
  • Viking Software is weather-reliant software.

Through Viking software, many surf coaches have saved plenty of time they spent on bookings and cancellations before. Viking booking has revolutionized the world of surfing.