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Numerous factors can be used to value second hand buses besides the year of manufacture or the mileage. We have experts in automobile services that can give a customer the proper valuation of used buses. This goes a long way in predicting the value for money before investing. We have a variety of used buses from reputable automobile companies which are still in perfect condition. Besides sales, we have an engineering department that helps in servicing and a competitive business development team whose main aim is giving the best deal in the market.

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Brands of Buses in Store

Mercedes Benz

  • Intouro (Euro 5) – this is a 285 pk power diesel engine bus. It is manually transmitted with a 7201cc engine capacity with 2 axles. A 49 seater with 3 doors, airco and an emergency harmer, this bus gives value for money.
  • Conecto – this is a Euro 2 emission class bus with a 184kW OM 45 hLA diesel engine and a ZF gearbox. It carries 77 passengers; 47 seated and 30 standing. It has an air/air suspension system with a wheelbase of 587.5 and a height regulator. The bus also has an emergency hammer, carries a gross weight of 19 tones and is fitted with trash cans.
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  • 7700 Hybrid – it is a Euro 5 emission bus with an automatic transmission. It has a D5F215 hybrid diesel engine with a 5000 cc capacity and an AT24112D gearbox. Other components of this bus include a height regulator, a broad computer, an ABS and an Airco.
  • Jonckheere Transit 2000 – this is a Euro 3 emission class bus with an automatic transmission. It is powered by a Volvo B7R diesel engine that has 275 hp power and a ZF gearbox. It carries a total of 90 passengers; 39 seated while 51 standing. It has 2 doors, arm seats and weighs 13 tonnes. Other components include a cruise controller, matrix board, airco and a tachometer.
  • 8700 B7RLE – it is in the Euro 5 emission class with an automatic transmission and a Volvo DE engine. It is powered by diesel with a 290 hp power and an engine capacity of 7146cc. Its wheelbase is 680 centimetres with 2 axles 4 by 2 configured. It also has 2 doors, weighs 18 tonnes and has an air/air suspension. Other additions are an electric roof hatch, a height regulator, speed limiter, an intercom and a broad computer.
  • B12BLE Skive – it is an automatic transmission bus from the euro 3 emission class. The bus has a Volvo 420 hp diesel engine and an air/air suspension weighing a total of 21 tonnes. It has a passenger limit of 72 (33 seated and 39 standing). Additions on this bus include a broad radio cruise control, a wheelchair ramp, webasto and a height regulator.
  • B9L 7700 – a 263 hp diesel engine with a 9365 cc engine capacity and a Voith gearbox, this Volvo bus is unique in its own right. Its total weight is 17.8 tonnes and carries 31 people seated and 54 standing. It also has a wheelchair ramp, a broad computer and an electric roof hatches.
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Other brands of second hand buses include

MAN – the Lion’s City A78, Caetano A66, A21 CNG and the Lion’s City T A78
Scania – Ominicity CN94UB and the OmniCity K230UB
Temsa – Prestij
DAF – SB250
Neoplan – Centroliner N4416
Otokar – Vectio 240U
FIAT – Ducato Civitas
VDL – Ambassador SB200, Bova F12, Ambassador SB120
Volkswagen – Crafter 50 2.5 TDI and Transporter T5
FORD – Transit
Iveco – Irisbus Proxys
Wright – Commander
Isuzu – Novo Lux
Renault – Master Combi
Van Hool – A330, A308 and AGG300