Reasons Why Darts Is Considered A Sport

By the appearance, darts seems like a hobby or a board game, but it is considered a sport throughout the world. Many countries like England, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium and Germany have recognised darts as an official sport. It may be possible to take this game as a hobby, but like a real sport, it requires players to be skilled and the competition goes to a high level.

Key points that make darts a sport include:


Darts is defined as a sport on which states that it is an athletic activity that requires physical powers or skills. The Oxford dictionary also agrees with this statement and defines dirt as an activity involving skill and physical exertion where a player or a team competes for entertainment.


Hobbies do not get to have organisations, but darts has too mainstream professional organisations, such as the British Darts Organisation (BDO) and the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). There are also some amateur organisations; one of them is the American Darts Organisation (ADO).


If you are interested in darts and keep yourself updated, then you must know about the world darts championships. Players from all around the globe train and travel to compete at this level of matches. Participants travel to Europe, the U.S. and other countries. If you are skilled enough in darts, then you can also have the opportunity to go. This is what upgrades darts to sport from just a game played at pubs.

Skill level

The main reason for the popularity of darts is the simplicity of the game. Any average human is able to throw a dart at the dartboard. It takes little physical exertion and you may even soon be able to hit the board frequently. However, going beyond this requires high-level skills where you can hit the bullseye. It is more difficult than it seems, and you need to know in-depth about the right technique, grip, stance and throw like learning any other sport.

You may consider visiting local dart shop and online dart stores for dartboards and darts to practice the game at home.

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